Treatment Method

The treatment is based on the method "Integrative Massage", which has 2 main therapeutic techniques.

The main technique is a deep tissue massage, which works on the body structure, with an in-direct mode, through the connecting tissues (tissues that connect the body structure to the muscles). In all the body parts where the connecting tissues have shrunk or harden, I will try to release it, within harmonic to the connecting tissue aside. There is a passage on all the body areas, and as a result the body becomes longer and standing erect, coming back to its optimal state and the muscles become possible to move in a better efficient way.

Another technique that I am using, works on a movement event. A movement is being created by a fluctuation that studies the body to reach a consciousness release, while at the same time to give up on a minded control.

This treatment is adapted personally for each patient, according to the body structure and the health state, in order to permit body and mind balance, and as a result - tension, anxiety and daily hardness phenomena, disappear. This treatment method is appropriate for various pains and stiff muscles tension and enables appropriate body maintenance, that ease to those sensitivities.